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We are looking to collaborate with for companies particularly in the areas of health, lifestyle and wellness services, who want to enrich their services with the latest preventive services - personal genetic analyses and tests.


Proven and award-winning services and products in genetic testing and analysis.


Due to our own development, our services and products can to a large extent be adapted to the wishes and needs of our partners.


Professional support in the introduction of products and services onto the market.


Proven and successful business model suitable for expansion into new markets and market segments.


Designed and adaptable promotional material.


Highest quality of services and products that are carried out in certified laboratories and adhere to regulatory quality standards.

Sales partners

Genetic tests and analyses for end users are the focus of our services. With their help, individuals learn more about their own genetic code and obtain a wealth of useful information, which is appropriately presented in an understandable and transparent manner, so it does not require interpretation by third parties. Our sales and marketing are thus focused on the end user and carried out through our own online sales and sales through contractual sales partners.

For additional information and sales inquiries contact us at [email protected].

Research partners

Our core business is research and product development in biotechnology, where we specialise in the field of human genetics. In addition to existing development projects, we constantly monitor new development opportunities in the industry and we are looking for partnerships for further mutually beneficial services and products development.

For additional information and proposals contact us at [email protected].

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All interested companies are invited to contact us at [email protected].

In the next step we contact you and arrange a personal meeting, to identify the most appropriate way and form of cooperation.

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