About us

GenePlanet is a leading European provider of innovative healthcare and lifestyle solutions based on preventive genetic testing.

We specialise in preventive genetic tests that are intended for the end user, but we also offer clinical genetic tests which help doctors with their therapeutic procedures. Our tests adhere to the highest standards of quality and are based on the latest scientific discoveries.
We provide people with information which can help them adjust their lifestyle accordingly and take measures that will provide additional protection from health risks due to genetic predispositions.

Our mission & vision

The vision of GenePlanet is to provide every individual with the possibility to conduct genetic testing that enables them to discover new insights about their body and its functions. Providing people with new information and personalised guidelines for better living that can protect them from preventable health risks due to genetic predispositions and permanently improve their quality of life.

Our mission is to provide novel genetics-based information and preventive guidelines that enable individuals to live a more fulfilling and healthy life.

Our goal

Our goal is to help people with new insights and personalised guidelines to improve the quality of life of each individual – by using a preventive, targeted approach we help them take the right decisions related to daily lifestyle choices, improving their health and well-being.

In contrast to the “one size fits all” approach, we use state-of-the-art technology to offer personalised recommendations tailored to the needs of each individual. Despite being highly scientific and professional, our solutions are simple to use and user friendly. The information provided is valid for life and can easily be implemented in our daily life by making small changes with big results.

GenePlanet team

Our team has 2 people that have problems with gluten and didn’t know that. Finally, we can explain why they were feeling so tired and bloated after lunch.

89% of us are fast alcohol metabolizers. That is why GenePlanet’s crew can enjoy the “happy hour” moments and almost no one has nausea and increased heart rate after a few beers.

One girl from our office, who used to drink 3 cups of coffee a day, discovered she is a slow metabolizer of caffeine. Now she sees what was causing her so much anxiety and high blood pressure.

6 women and 3 men from our office have a higher tendency for insatiability and hunger. We are hiding snacks from them.

We have a very lucky guy in our office. He has a rare genotype that makes him resistant to HIV virus. In other words, he can never get infected!

Baldness can be genetic. We already have 2 bald guys in our staff and 17% of us have great chances of developing baldness in the future.

36% of GenePlanet’s team are so lucky to carry a gene that makes them less likely to regain weight! For them, maintaining good shape is a “piece of cake”.

32% of us have the two favourable copies of the gene that slow down the biological ageing process. It looks like not all of us will stay young forever…

GenePlanet is an international team. We have people from 17 nationalities and together we speak 20 languages!

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